Friday, April 30, 2010

Fancy Style is back with Beth Harris!

Fancy Style is back! For those of you who remember we started the Fancy Style feature back in July of 09' when we would scour the streets for unsuspecting targets sporting Fancy Tiger wears. Well it's back with a slightly new approach in interview format. Now not only will this monthly feature bring you those who embody the Fancy Tiger Style but you'll get to learn a little bit about them.

Now who better to kick of this new season of Fancy Style then our very own Beth Harris. Beth has an incredibly original style that truly embodies the timeless and unique nature of Fancy Tiger fashion.

ft: What is your favorite fashion trend of the moment?

bh: I don't pay too much attention to trends, but I am into the resurgence of the classic '40s style. This summer I am planning my go-to uniform to be a vintage swimsuit worn as jumpsuit with socks and T-strap heels.

ft: What is your least favorite fashion trend of the moment?

bh: Again, I don't really care about trends one way or the other. As long as a person is confident and comfortable wearing something- I say go for it. Having said that, I do cringe at the sight of too many trend being slavishly applied in a single look. Wear a trend, don't let it wear you.

ft: Who is your favorite fashion icon of all times and why?

bh: While I do love me some Little Edie Beale for her inventive interpretations, my favorite fashion icon of all-time is undoubtedly my mom! At every age, she has always possessed an elegance and a glamor that few women do. I cop my mom's '70s and '80s style a lot- especially poolside.

ft: What was the last concert you went to?

bh: I saw Yeasayer last Saturday at the Bluebird and then went to the dance party they DJ'd at the Larimer Lounge- oh my, SO FUN! It was all ironic music from the '90s.

ft: Do you have any fashion predictions for the next year?

bh: Yes! I foresee the return of matching his and hers running suits.
Thanks Beth and remember to keep it Fancy!
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Stephanie said...

I love Beth! You look great!