Friday, April 30, 2010

Fancy Style is back with Beth Harris!

Fancy Style is back! For those of you who remember we started the Fancy Style feature back in July of 09' when we would scour the streets for unsuspecting targets sporting Fancy Tiger wears. Well it's back with a slightly new approach in interview format. Now not only will this monthly feature bring you those who embody the Fancy Tiger Style but you'll get to learn a little bit about them.

Now who better to kick of this new season of Fancy Style then our very own Beth Harris. Beth has an incredibly original style that truly embodies the timeless and unique nature of Fancy Tiger fashion.

ft: What is your favorite fashion trend of the moment?

bh: I don't pay too much attention to trends, but I am into the resurgence of the classic '40s style. This summer I am planning my go-to uniform to be a vintage swimsuit worn as jumpsuit with socks and T-strap heels.

ft: What is your least favorite fashion trend of the moment?

bh: Again, I don't really care about trends one way or the other. As long as a person is confident and comfortable wearing something- I say go for it. Having said that, I do cringe at the sight of too many trend being slavishly applied in a single look. Wear a trend, don't let it wear you.

ft: Who is your favorite fashion icon of all times and why?

bh: While I do love me some Little Edie Beale for her inventive interpretations, my favorite fashion icon of all-time is undoubtedly my mom! At every age, she has always possessed an elegance and a glamor that few women do. I cop my mom's '70s and '80s style a lot- especially poolside.

ft: What was the last concert you went to?

bh: I saw Yeasayer last Saturday at the Bluebird and then went to the dance party they DJ'd at the Larimer Lounge- oh my, SO FUN! It was all ironic music from the '90s.

ft: Do you have any fashion predictions for the next year?

bh: Yes! I foresee the return of matching his and hers running suits.
Thanks Beth and remember to keep it Fancy!
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p.s. You too can purchase your very own pair of suspenders or "braces" now at Fancy Tiger Clothing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Erica Weiner in Stock!

There is a certain curiosity surrounding the work of Erica Weiner. She has an incredible knack for melding a degree of oddity with beauty resulting in something that leaves you with that ah-ha moment of it being the perfect addition to your accessory line-up.  Her new work is no exception and of course we've re-stocked some past customer favorites.

Ginkgo Leaf Earrings (Silver-Plated) from Erica Weiner

Charm Necklaces from Erica Weiner

Double Black Diamond Earrings from Erica Weiner

Another thing to keep an eye out for is our new tagging system. From now on all locally made items can be easily found simply by spoting the "locally made" tags.

Happy Shopping!


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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fancy Focus: Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown

Alright boys and girls hold on to your hats, cause the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown is taking over Denver this weekend. Over 100 pinball machines and no quarters needed! Celebrating their 7th year this show provides you with the best in vintage gaming action. There are tournaments for all skill levels and all ages if you want to show off your stuff or you can explore the vintage arcade and console gaming available.

The Showdown begins today and goes through 5pm Sunday April 25th, is there a better way to spend a rainy weekend? For more information on hours, location and ticket pricing for this event visit the official  website here. So get out and enjoy some gaming action. 

Happy Pin-balling!


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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Upcycle Your Way Into Spring Fashions...

This weeks featured products share a few things in common, both creators are using vintage and recycled materials and both are creating playful yet functional pieces for your Spring wardrobe.

Take Beatrice Holiday - Wheel Cute Couture for example. This line is locally made by Alisun Franson and developed out of a need for a functional, yet fashionable way to tote things around town on your bike. Now Beatrice Holiday doesn't stop at bike bags but also focuses on covering your bike seats with vintage fabrics and covering yourself with upcycled bicycle inner-tube jewelry ranging from earrings to bracelets.

For this post we're going to focus on Alisun's amazing line of handlebar bike bags we recently got into the store. Not only will these vintage inspired accessories spice up any old ride through the park they will add functionallity to your everyday life. The handlebar bike bag can be secured to your handlebars while crusing and then converted into the perfect shoulder bag for a day of exploration. Who can resist these vintage prints?

Olivia Handlebar and Shoulder Bag from Beatrice Holiday

Olivia Handlebar and Shoulder Bag from Beatrice Holiday detail

Rita Handlebar and Shoulder Bag from Beatrice Holiday

Rita Handlebar and Shoulder Bag from Beatrice Holiday strap detail

Rita Handlebar and Shoulder Bag from Beatrice Holiday detail

Our next designer, Lesley Tamaev,  hails from Wilmington, North Carolina and works under the name Just Like Honey Clothing. And her work is just that, like honey. It's light, playful, refreshing fashions for Spring and Summer. Lesley pairs togther vintage and recycled clothing into a seemless hybrid of fashion for the young at heart.

Upcycled Tops from Just Like Honey Clothing

Upcycled Dress from Just Like Honey Clothing

Upcycled Strapless Dresses from Just Like Honey Clothing

So pedal your way into spring fashions with Fancy Tiger Clothing and come check out what's new this week.

Happy Shopping!


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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fancy Trends: A Marriage of Function and Fashion

Men have it easy, there is never a doubt that their pants or other clothing for that matter are going to come equip with pockets. This functional fashion statement has now made its way to women’s fashion. Now I know this is not the first season we’ve seen pockets in more feminine fashion but this seems to be the first season we’re seeing pockets in just about everything.

Take this spring's dresses and skirts from Tulle as an example. Tulle has done an excellent job of adding this functional element to their women’s wear in a less obvious fashion. Here we find pockets hidden along seam lines almost invisible to the un-trained eye.

Tulle Watercolor Hi-Waisted Skirt

Tulle Flocked Skirt Dress

Tulle Baby Twill Skirt

Even Cheap Monday is getting in on the action this year with more of a cargo appearance to their take on pockets. These pockets become a statement piece placed prominently on the front of the garment.

Cheap Monday Dress

Cheap Monday Dress

So when your shopping for new staples for your Spring wardrobe consider adding a few more pockets to your life.

On a local note, Fancy Tiger Clothing will be taking over the runway at the culmination of Create Denver Week as one of the featured stores participating in the Mix and Assemble Fashion Show. Don’t miss your opportunity to check out some great local fashions, music and art all in one place the Hi-Dive this Saturday April 17th from 7pm-1am.


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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hi-Tech Craft and Timeless Accessories

Laser cut wares are just about everywhere you turn now a days. They add an intricate feel to just about whatever material designers are experimenting with. We recently received a shipment of “Hi-Tech Craft” accessories from The Harbinger Company based in San Francisco.

The Harbinger Company was started by Yvonne Hung as a way to use ordinary materials to create extraordinary everyday objects. Each of these intricate designs are hand drawn in the conceptual phase, drafted on a computer, sent to the laser cutter, hand-assembled by the designer, and then boxed in locally printed packaging. The result is “pieces that feel good to the hands, nice to the eyes, and friendly to the environment.”

Why not do something nice for yourself and the environment and check out these ethical designs.

Whether you know them as braces or suspenders these elasticized straps are back to hold up your spring fashions. These American-Made alternatives to belts are now available in three different colors: navy, black and red so why not spruce up your spring style with a nod to the past.

Happy Shopping!


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Friday, April 9, 2010

Fancy Focus: Create Denver Week

Create Denver Week is approaching and we here at Fancy Tiger Clothing wanted to take this opportunity to hi-light a few events that you just can't miss. As many of you might already know, Create Denver Week is a weeklong celebration of the creative sector here in Denver ranging from art and music to design and film. Check out our list of recommended events, for more information on any of these events simply click the heading to be directed to the events website:

Saturday April 10th – Saturday April 17th 11am – 7pm daily, 15 min POP-Up Store by Samuel Schimek

Check out this weeklong POP-Up Store featuring 100% Denver designed goods. Also take a look at the Create Denver Commons Paper Garden. Produced by DOCA + Brian Corrigan

Monday April 12th 5:30pm-8pm, ArtMarket: Connecting local artists & local businesses

Join our very own Matthew Brown and other community panel members as they discuss facilitating the connection between local artists and local retailers. This event is presented by the Mile High Business Alliance and Create Denver.

Tuesday April 13th 7:30pm-11pm, PechaKucha Night

PechaKucha Night was devised in Tokyo in February 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. 
It has turned into a massive celebration, with events happening in hundreds of cities around the world, inspiring creatives worldwide. Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of "chit chat", it rests on a presentation format that is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds. It's a format that makes presentations concise, and keeps things moving at a rapid pace. This event is hosted by AIA Denver, click here for a list of the presenters.

Friday April 16th 8pm-11pm, VJ Battle

Competitors face off in a head-to-head, elimination-style battle on two video screens. The battle format pushes the art of VJing to the edge, inspiring new levels of creativity, skill and innovation. Participants will be judged according to clip selection, interpretation of the music, composition, editing, color, timing and transitions. Rounds will be set to live DJ sets played by Denver favorites. Both judges and the audience, by text message voting, will determine VJ winners. This event is Produced by DOCA + Brian Corrigan + Alie Lane + Doug Bohm and benefits the

Saturday April 17th 11am-7pm, Crafty Ballyhoo!

Feast on all things handmade and local at the first annual Crafty Ballyhoo! a market featuring the work of 30 plus local handmade vendors, handmade food vendors, and interactive programming. Interactive programming includes a screen printing station; crafting demonstrations; a swap area; a variety of ‘make and take’ crafting projects; a Latte Art Throw Down; and a Cake Walk. This event is brought to you by the Denver Handmade Alliance.

Saturday April 17th 7pm-1am, Mix and Assemble

Mix and Assemble, the final event of Create Denver Week will meld art, fashion and music all into one incredible event at the Hi-Dive. The event opens at 7pm with poster viewing and DJs, then from 9:30-10:45pm the focus changes to fashion and finally from 11pm-1am check out some local bands. This event is produced by The UMS + Ink Lounge

So why not get out this week and support your local creatives, who knows you may discover something new.


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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PAPERWINGS is back in stock!

We just received a new shipment of PAPERWINGS jewelry and we couldn't be more excited to check out these new designs. This line created by the ever talented Jen Goff tends to fly out of the cases and because of it's uniqueness, no two pieces are ever quite the same.

Based in Portland, Jen works in her studio surrounded by natural specimens as inspiration. Each piece is created with the notion that no lines, shapes or patterns in nature are ever the same lending to the simple and organic nature of the line. Come check them out while you can...

Circles Necklace from PAPERWINGS

Web Earrings from PAPERWINGS

Double Layer Small Circles Necklace from PAPERWINGS

Twig Earrings from PAPERWINGS

Happy Shopping!


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