Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What I Like...Indian Jewelry


A little late notice but oh so important. Originally from houston, TX, Indian Jewelry spent some time in LA but now call Texas their home again. I first heard about this troupe through a friend who played guitar for them when they went under the moniker Swarm of Angels. IJ Changed names probably two or three times after that and seem to have settled on their current title. I finally got a chance to see them live in 2005 at a wharehouse space in Houston. Gorgeous, shiny and disturbing at the same time. Don't miss this!



Sunday, April 27, 2008

What goes on in your mind...

The dj project that I've been talking about for a while is now underway.

I refer to it as a "project" because of its conceptual nature. These aren't recordings of some Friday night club dj but something much more systematic and controlled. Think of it as a chronology of changes in consciouness. A six hour snapshot to be exact. And thanks Merck.

It's as if On the Corner's bled over into my living room. Music to sleep t0, music to dream to, and such. Or more exact: "what goes on in your mind?". Picture: Matthew & Darren taking a break from the mixer for a haunting photo (12:24 am).

Stay tuned for immediate release.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Poketo comes through! Organic & Bamboo!

The new Poketo spring line is in and we are thrilled.

We've already had to re-order what's been called, " the greatest print ever made".

The pictures here are of two shirts from their Sustainable Series.

70% bamboo/30% organic cotton

In addition to apparel poketo has taken on home wares and stationary. Need a travel journal complete with built-in manila pockets and protective case? fancy tiger has got you covered.

Or how about a writing journal that looks like your favorite 50's paperback?

Friday, April 18, 2008

4/ 15 / 08 On The Corner setlist...

Thanks to everyone who came out. Now here's the gold:

Spacecraft - Lumiere de la Lune
Deerhunter - Hazel St.
Film School - Capitalized I
BJM - You Have Been Disconnected
Animals - It's My Life
Rain Parade - I Look Around
Broadcast - Man Is Not A Bird
Warlocks - Left And Right of the Moon
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Jump Into My Mouth And Breathe
10CC - I'm Not In Love
The Black Ryder - Let It Go
Bailterspace - Tag

Spacemen 3 - Suicide
Bailterspace - Fascination
MBV - Loomer
Spiritualized - Lay Back In the Sun
Flying Saucer Attack - A Silent Tide
Broadcast - Hawk
Raveonettes - Lust
Roy Orbison - Leah
Tarwater - Seven Ways to Fake A Perfect Skin
Clientele - The Dance Of the Hours
Caribou - Sundialing

New Bags from Lug

"Moped": great day pack or all around small traveler

"Camper": laptop carrier, messenger bag, vinyl bag

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Into the heavens...

What a wonderful evening with our guests Shannon & Jeff. I think On the Corner has finally met its match. Spirits were conjured as Bailter Space, Film School, Flying Saucer Attack , and the like roared away.
Apart from playing great tunes, these audiophiles are great company. We explored the plans for a future psych fest at their Louisville compound complete with pinball and a possible Moonspeed experience. Yes please.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Black is the new black

Black Mountain, Black Angels, Black Kids, Black Keys... I think there's something here. Name something "black" and it turns to gold. Or pink...eventually.

I just came from Lily's myspace page. What an elusive creature that Kurt Heasley is. He's been putting out some of the best rock music since the early nineties with only a sliver of the deserved recognition. I truly believe that Precollection is one of the great modern rock albums. And what a treat for us fans...Lilys play a Denver dive bar in 2007 with an attendance of 25 people. I guess our Rocky Mountain radar is broken.

Kurts only a name change away from super stardom. Can you say " Black Lilys"?


Monday, April 7, 2008

upcoming show(s) - what I like

This is where I get to throw some show recomendations your way. I haven't checked Aprils roster yet so i'll jump ahead to a must see show in May.

What: Cut Copy & Black Kids
Where: Larimer Lounge - May 3rd, 8pm
Why: despite releasing flawless albums, both bands are still flying relatively under the radar in Denver. Hence, Larimer Lounge. See them now before it's too late.

Into Orbit

Local space rock pioneers, Jeff Suthers and Shannon Stein, will guest dj at On The Corner Tuesday, Feb 15th. Best known for their work in the now defunct outfit Bright Channel, Jeff and Shannon have anything but slowed down their quest for sonic bliss. Most of their days are spent honing the sound of Moonspeed, their newest musical project that's currently toping out at eleven members.

You don't want to miss this.

ON THE CORNER ( every tuesday night)
@ Sputnik 3 S. Broadway
9pm - late

Friday, April 4, 2008

New Spring Apparel & Accessories !

Fluffy Co. reads our minds.

Their new prints are out of my dreams. Come in and check out their wallets as well.

New felt Bags from Queen Bee.

These bags are gorgeous. Dont hesitate, we ordered a very limited quantity.

Also, check out our current selection of vinyl "truckette" style messenger bags. Yay birds!