Thursday, August 13, 2009

Linesheet Class September 16th @ Fancy Tiger Clothing

What's a Linesheet?

Good question. I'll be teaching a class through Fashion Denver on Sept. 16th about this very topic. The class will be held at Fancy Tiger Clothing. Check out the description below:

Title: What's a Linesheet / How do I get my line into stores?

This class explores the three components involved in getting your product from the design table and onto the shelves of your favorite boutiques.

Topics include :
1. What's a linesheet?
2. How to build a linesheet tailored specifically to the needs of a buyer
3. How to approach a store once you have the perfect linesheet.

Fancy Tiger Clothing owner, Matthew Brown, will teach you how to build a linesheet tailored to the needs of a buyer and show you how to get your line noticed. Discover which info to include and which info not to include, what format is best suited to your product and to the store, and what info gives you an edge. Next, learn how to find the perfect store for you product and the best way to get your info into the right people's hands. Drawing on 8 years of small business experience and 3 years as a buyer for Fancy Tiger Clothing, This class is the inside scoop to getting your wares into your favorite stores.

Call Fancy Tiger Clothing to register: 303-282-6590
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See you soon!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Fall beckons. New clothes from Revel, Cloth Logic & more.

Men get a makeover with these silk ties from Revel.

The right width, the right color.

Jackets by Cloth Logic

New dresses by Tulle.