Friday, April 16, 2010

Fancy Trends: A Marriage of Function and Fashion

Men have it easy, there is never a doubt that their pants or other clothing for that matter are going to come equip with pockets. This functional fashion statement has now made its way to women’s fashion. Now I know this is not the first season we’ve seen pockets in more feminine fashion but this seems to be the first season we’re seeing pockets in just about everything.

Take this spring's dresses and skirts from Tulle as an example. Tulle has done an excellent job of adding this functional element to their women’s wear in a less obvious fashion. Here we find pockets hidden along seam lines almost invisible to the un-trained eye.

Tulle Watercolor Hi-Waisted Skirt

Tulle Flocked Skirt Dress

Tulle Baby Twill Skirt

Even Cheap Monday is getting in on the action this year with more of a cargo appearance to their take on pockets. These pockets become a statement piece placed prominently on the front of the garment.

Cheap Monday Dress

Cheap Monday Dress

So when your shopping for new staples for your Spring wardrobe consider adding a few more pockets to your life.

On a local note, Fancy Tiger Clothing will be taking over the runway at the culmination of Create Denver Week as one of the featured stores participating in the Mix and Assemble Fashion Show. Don’t miss your opportunity to check out some great local fashions, music and art all in one place the Hi-Dive this Saturday April 17th from 7pm-1am.


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