Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hi-Tech Craft and Timeless Accessories

Laser cut wares are just about everywhere you turn now a days. They add an intricate feel to just about whatever material designers are experimenting with. We recently received a shipment of “Hi-Tech Craft” accessories from The Harbinger Company based in San Francisco.

The Harbinger Company was started by Yvonne Hung as a way to use ordinary materials to create extraordinary everyday objects. Each of these intricate designs are hand drawn in the conceptual phase, drafted on a computer, sent to the laser cutter, hand-assembled by the designer, and then boxed in locally printed packaging. The result is “pieces that feel good to the hands, nice to the eyes, and friendly to the environment.”

Why not do something nice for yourself and the environment and check out these ethical designs.

Whether you know them as braces or suspenders these elasticized straps are back to hold up your spring fashions. These American-Made alternatives to belts are now available in three different colors: navy, black and red so why not spruce up your spring style with a nod to the past.

Happy Shopping!


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