Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Molly M Designs are in Stock Now!

Molly M Designs has wowed us from the start with her use of geometric and organic line work in her laser cut jewelry line, but now she is taking it a step further with reversible pieces. Each of the pieces in her new "textile" collection feature a darker charcoal side and a lighter natural birch wood side with a bit of organic canvas sandwiched between which lends itself to the natural feel of the line.

IKAT 1 Earrings (also available as a pendant)

Dart Pendant (also available as earrings)

Triangulate Earrings (also available as a pendant)

We are also now seeing Molly experiment with acrylic as a medium integrating shallow laser cut line work  into the material.

Acrylic Diagonals Earrings

Acrylic Pendant

Make sure to stop in soon to check out these incredible feats of laser cutting before they're all gone...

Happy Shopping!


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