Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bring some color into your life with new jewelry from Polli.

We've been carrying Polli for a couple years now and their work seems to transform and gain new elements at every turn. This Sydney based jewelry line has now become a staple in our cases and they were kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions for us so we can learn a little more about their line.

Woven Empire Pendant China Blue from Polli

ft: Where does the name Polli come from?

p: The name Polli is derived from the material – polypropylene. Our first products were die cut, flat packed baskets made from brightly coloured Polypropylene. We liked the idea that our brand had a female persona but wasn’t a common name.

Woven Camellia Pendant Warm from Polli

ft: When did Polli start and how has the line changed since its inception?

p: Polli started as a hobby, two designer friends selling their baskets at weekend markets 8 years ago. Today Polli is a thriving business employing 10 people with a commercial studio in Sydney’s inner west. Our product range has grown from baskets into jewelry and home accessories with over 100 designs in our portfolio. The materials used have changed from plastic to recycled brass and stainless steel.

Woven Empire Pendant Red from Polli

ft: What inspired the new designs for the Spring season?

p: Polli designs are inspired by our everyday lives, travel and the environment. The Spring collection featured an Art Deco theme inspired by travel to NY and Art Deco architecture. This decorative styling translates well into earrings and necklaces and was hand stitched for two ranges in the Spring collection. The hand stitching allows us to add seasonal colours and makes each piece handmade in Australia.

Woven Camellia Pendant Green from Polli

ft: Polli makes home and fashion accessories. Has Polli ever considered getting into clothing or any other realms of design?

p: We’d love to make more home products and play with materials like salvaged timber. There are lots of designs on the drawing board but unfortunately we seem to always have a lot on our plate! Fashion design? It’s not really our area of expertise – I think we’ll leave it to the experts.

Woven Empire Pendant Granny Smith from Polli

ft: Anything we should know about Polli that we don't?

p: The Polli team is expanding! We’ve had many studio babies over the years and last year designer Tess Lloyd had a baby girl who is currently crawling around, emptying any rubbish bins that get in her way and unplugging as many computers as she can! Designer Maja Rose is currently pregnant and due with her first this August.

Babies add a fun, chaotic element to the studio and the team here form an extended family with everyone pitching in to feed, change and play with the little ones... maybe a baby range will be the next project!

Thanks Polli!


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