Wednesday, March 23, 2011

EYEWEAR - It's worth it

Where would we be without accessories?  They're the little bits of style that help complete a look and sometimes even spearhead an outfit.  Our belts, our bags, our pieces of  jewelry that help distinguish us from an otherwise familiar look...we take them seriously.  And why shouldn't we?  Some accessories go beyond the seemingly trivial role of fashion and provide us with something more important.  Take that ring on your left hand.  There's a strong message there.  Take those exquisite frames than don your face.  Without them, you'd have parked your car in a ditch.  But sometimes looking good is as important as staying alive.  Take eyewear.  They give us confidence.  They allow us to change who we are.  Or at least change who we feel like.  A recent discovery in Boulder called Wink Optical got me thinking about such things. 

Wink Optical takes an approach to service and selection that I find rare these days.  Wink believes that your eye's health is directly impacted by the quality of your optics.  And why shouldn't your eyes health be as important as the health of any other organ in your body.  They sell only small mom and pop brands that don't dictate the use of cheaper materials in lens selection.   Optics are all cut in house, they only sell frames that fit properly (despite how much you want to spend on a pair that may make you look like Lady Gaga but could compromise your prescription), and you can trust their advice (Anthony, our salesperson, spent his years honing his style expertise in New York in the 1970's).  Needless to say, I was extremely impressed.

Anthony brought out a pair that he deemed perfect for my face structure and skin tone.  I was on a mission to find some F#@k-you-hip bigger frames so I went with a vintage 1964 frame from their beautiful collection of vintage dead stock and ignored his selection.

My F#@k-you-hip 1964 frames

He approved of my choice and I left a happy man.  But their was something nagging at me.  Despite finding the exact frames  I was looking for, I felt a pull back to Wink the following Monday.  I just had to take my wife Jaime into this boutique gem.  But there was something else.  The SALT frames that Anthony had initially recommended for me were perfect.  I couldn't deny his skill.  It was that experience of meeting a master...someone who knows better than me what's right for me.  And then Anthony did it again.  He walked up to Jaime with a pair of frames that he deemed right for her.   With a precise skill and confidence he presented them almost as a gift.  Like saying, "I've been waiting for you".  The frames were stunning.  As stunning as the recommended pair I purchased that day.

The Ollie from SALT Optics

It's service and selection that I look for.  Wink does it right.  SEE Eyewear  in Cherry Creek and EYELAB in the Highlands do it right as well.

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