Thursday, April 10, 2008

Black is the new black

Black Mountain, Black Angels, Black Kids, Black Keys... I think there's something here. Name something "black" and it turns to gold. Or pink...eventually.

I just came from Lily's myspace page. What an elusive creature that Kurt Heasley is. He's been putting out some of the best rock music since the early nineties with only a sliver of the deserved recognition. I truly believe that Precollection is one of the great modern rock albums. And what a treat for us fans...Lilys play a Denver dive bar in 2007 with an attendance of 25 people. I guess our Rocky Mountain radar is broken.

Kurts only a name change away from super stardom. Can you say " Black Lilys"?


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Livs Mommy said...

The Black Keys rock my world!