Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Red Cap Cards

We are excited to welcome a new line of greeting cards to the store, Red Cap Cards. This Beverly Hills based line was created by Hal Mertz and illustrator Carrie Gifford. In 2007 Red Cap began collaborating with illustrators, artists and designers from around the world.
Check out these cards illustrated by Lizzy Stewart...

Lizzy Stewart is an illustrator, based in London, who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009.
Her work is inspired, primarily, by a need to tell stories but also by folk culture, music and the places in which she finds herself.  

We also got in cards illustrated by Anke Weckmann...

Anke Weckmann grew up in Germany and now lives in London where she works as a freelance illustrator. She loves to draw.  She also loves paper houses and paper dresses, little yellow birds in trees,pink roses and white cats, writing in secret notebooks and watching the fox take a nap in the garden.
fancy tiger clothing

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Justin + Liesl said...

Those illustrations are to die for! I would love having those cards!