Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A&C Shaving Co.

We are extremely excited to welcome A&C Shave Co to the store. This line of handcrafted shaving accessories is made here in Colorado. 

Silver Tip Badge Brush $110
Shave Soap $12

A&C Shave Co. is resurrecting the shaving experience of a bygone era at a time when shaving was a ritual rather than a chore. The designs and scents harken back to a time when going to the barbershop was a social gathering and razors only needed one blade to get the job done.

The brushes exfoliate the skin as well as raise the hair for a shave closer than most people have experienced in their lifetime. We make shaving brushes from exotic woods by hand and use natural badger hair to provide a smooth and rich lather. Each brush is a one of a kind piece with designs inspired by vintage barbershop brushes.

Silver Tip Brush 

Pure Badger Brush

The soaps contain none of the harsh chemicals that dry out and irritate the skin. Each tin (approx. 4 oz of soap) will last at least 4 months of regular shaves saving money on cans of processed garbage that ruin your skin and create stockpiles. Stop in and check them out!


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