Monday, October 3, 2011

October Denver Made Interview Part I: Larka Designs

Although it doesn't quite feel like it, October is here and we are gearing up for our October Denver Made event this Friday October 7th from 7pm-10pm. This month we will be featuring the handmade creations of Larka Designs along with the artwork of local artist Zach Burk. Larka Designs is a locally made line of accessories and the designer behind this line, Holly Anderson, recently took the time to answer a few questions for us in preparation for her first Friday event.

FT: How did you come up with the name for your line? 

LD: I love the word lark.  I don't know why…it just sounds clean and simple, but unfortunately it is very common.  My husband is almost fully Swedish…and the Swedish word for lark is larka… not quite so common, hence Larka Designs!

FT: How did you get your start? 

LD: I am an art teacher by trade, but have always loved creating and making.  After three years of teaching…I found myself feeling a little blah.  I wanted to express myself and have time to work on my own creativity.  But the last thing you feel like doing after a day of teaching and lesson planning is being creative.  I decided to quit my teaching job, get a part time job, and explore the crafting scene.  I am still in the fledgling stages of things, but am enjoying using my hands, selling my work, and evolving as an artist.

FT: Where do you find your best inspiration for your work?

LD: I love to snoop around on the internet, in blogs, and on pinterest.  I am also inspired by a variety of textures , color combinations, and shapes, and enjoy figuring out how to bring them together to make a cohesive body of work. 

FT: What music do you listen to when you work on your product? 

LD: This is a great question.  I usually like to listen to ambient music while creating, but also love everything from passion pit, to sigur ros, to sufjan stevens.

FT: What would you like people to know about your work/process that isn’t evident when looking at it?  

LD: I use a lot of screen printing in my work.  On my wood pendants, and on my fabric brooches.  I create an image on my computer, then have some great people burn these images onto a screen for me, and voila!  I love how this process allows my work to maintain an illustration like quality. 

Join us Friday October 7th from 7pm-10pm at Fancy Tiger Clothing, 18 South Broadway to celebrate the work of Larka Designs and meet the creator in person. Beverages from Great Divide Brewery will be on hand and as always a stunning soundtrack to complement the evening. Tune in tomorrow for our interview with Zach Burk and learn more about his new series of glitter paintings. 


Fancy Tiger Clothing

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