Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Denver Made Interview: Denver, Of Course Launch Party

August is here and we are thrilled to be hosting the launch party for a new website, Denver, Of Course, the brainchild of local creative Patrick Collins. The concept is simple, reviews of local establishments focusing on food, drink, retail, art and retreat. Though straightforward, it’s nothing Denver has seen before. It’s a curated look at the city through the eyes of a local writer and all around man about town. Patrick inserts his humor and previous life experiences into his reviews making them witty, easy to read, and relatable. Recently Partick took the time to sit down and answer a few questions for us in preparation for the Denver, Of Course launch party Friday August 5th from 7pm-10pm at Fancy Tiger Clothing, 18 South Broadway.

FT: What was the inspiration for the name of the website?

PC: It took me a good three weeks to decide on a name and my Rhodia notebook is evidence of that. After throwing around so many names with stupid adjectives next to Denver, I just decided I wanted something simple and focused on just Denver. Thus Denver, of course was a perfect fit. It was easy to say, had a bit of humor and could even be grown into other city guides if I make a million dollars or decide to leave Denver again. But neither of those things are a priority or real goals.

FT: How did you get your start with writing?

PC: I moved to Melbourne after school and landed a gig making mixtapes for a sub-cultural city guide (http://thethousands.com.au/melbourne/). Each week I had to make the mix and then write about 80 words of copy to go along with it. I also ended up writing some reviews and features for the city guide itself. After 3 months our associate editor left and my editor hired me with incredibly limited knowledge of editing, writing and Melbourne on to fill the void. I ended up working for her until my visa expired and my extension fell through as well as freelancing and writing pieces for Beck's, Barefoot Beer, City of Melbourne, Tourism Victoria, Junior/lifeatthebottom.com and Shmitten Kitten.

FT: What has been your favorite review you've written so far?

PC: I think the Art of Shaving writeup is my favorite solely because I reference Michael McDonald's ass.

FT: Do you have a place you're dying to review?

PC: My list keeps growing but right now I really have to write something up for this taco truck that's hidden in a parking lot behind a liquor store off Colorado Blvd. but I can never seem to make it over there when they're open. I'm also on the lookout for a swimming hole to write up for a fun last-days-of-summer type retreat. We'll see!

FT: Do you listen to music when you write? If so, who have you been listening to recently?

PC: I almost always listen to music while I write. Usually if I need inspiration it's something really witty like Graham Smith or Belle and Sebastian. Lately though I've been really diggin' Inc.'s new EP, Steve Spacek's Space Shift album and the mixes up on AOR Disco.

Join us Friday August 5th from 7pm-10pm at Fancy Tiger Clothing, 18 South Broadway to celebrate the launch of this new website and get a chance to meet the man behind the reviews while enjoying locally provided libations from Great Divide Brewery, and a stunning soundtrack from local DJs Shannon Von Kelly of Neon Knights and Double//Shadow.


Fancy Tiger Clothing

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