Monday, June 27, 2011

July Denver Made Interview: Sara Guindon of The Pin Pals

Summer is here and July's Denver Made event is just around the corner. This month we'll be focusing on the illustrations of Sara Guindon of The Pin Pals. Sara recently relocated from Montreal to Denver and we're extremely excited to have her illustrations on view for the month of July. Recently Sara was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions for us in preparation for her first Friday exhibit, opening Friday July 1st from 7pm-10pm at Fancy Tiger Clothing, 18 South Broadway.

FT: How did you come up with the name for your line?

SG: The Pin Pals started when Sam and I met about six years ago in Montreal. Sam made quilted bags and worked mostly with fabric and I was making felted pins called pin pals. We like each others work and decided to collaborate as the Pin Pals. Our business has evolved significantly over the years. These days, Sam works mostly with needle craft and I draw and make paper puppets. Now, the pin pal pun has taken on a whole new meaning since we collaborate long distance (Sam lives in Montreal and I'm here in Denver).

FT: How did you get your start?

SG: When Sam and I started working together we received a project grant through Emploi-Quebec that enabled us to quit our jobs for a year and focus on our business full time. Through pin pals, I gained more confidence as an illustrator. Selling my work in stores and craft fairs was a big step towards focusing more on art and illustration.

FT: Where do you find your best inspiration for your work?

SG: Ah, it's everywhere. I'm definitely inspired by the everyday and movies are definitely a source of inspiration for me. Lately, a lot of my characters find themselves in kitchens, bars and cafeterias, parking lots and grocery stores, but I like to think that there is a story going on in each drawing, intense drama in an unexpected place.

FT: What music do you listen to when you work on your product?

SG: I like all kinds of music. Lately, while working, I've been listening to Stereolab, ELO, Chad VanGaalen, De La Soul, The Hidden Cameras and the New Pornographers. I also listen to a lot of NPR and there is a radio station from France called International Rare Groove that I like to listen to. I've been watching the series Twin Peaks which is all kinds of inspiration and I'm really loving the music in that!

FT: What would you like people to know about your work/process that isn’t evident when looking at it?

SG: I spend a ridiculous amount of time layering colours, marker on top of watercolour pencil, on top of gouache, on top of tea and coffee...that sort of thing. My lower back is sore!

I recently did a thorough interview with the great illustration site Pikaland, if you'd like to read more about what I've done you can view it here:

Mark your calendars folks and make sure to join us Friday July 1st from 7pm-10pm for the opening of Sara's month long exhibition at Fancy Tiger Clothing. Enjoy beverages from Great Divide Brewery and as always a stunning soundtrack to the evening. 


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