Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's New in Store This Week...

Are you ready for the Fall? Don't worry we've got you covered, literally. This week the store is filled with new Fall accessories to update your summer look along with some necessary basics on both the men's and women's side of the store. 

The West is Dead is one of the new Fall additions to the store with their warm 100% wool hats and passion to preserve the wild west. This American based line strives to use the best possible raw materials and they responsibly source and produce everything they possibly can in the U.S. These fall basics are great for both men and women. 

We've also received some new Fall fashions from Farah to help you add a little English style to your everyday look. Stop by and check out the new long sleeve button ups and dress pants. 

Why not complement your style with a one-of-a-kind belt buckle from the Ohio based husband and wife team, Maxine Dear. These buckles are made from vintage book covers sparing them from the dump and breathing new life into old classics. 

Also new in store is the Los Angeles based line Trescis which is a blending of trends and basics. Made with a focus on detail, these basic pieces are constructed with the finest yarns for the moderate market including cotton modal. Make sure to stop in and check them out. Also fitting with the theme of basics we have American Apparel cotton leggings in a variety of colors to get you through the cooler months. 

We've also been hard at work re-stocking local selections in store this week including new recycled leather cuffs from Jared, wallets and bags from Beans & Rice, crocheted neck cowls from becky's buttons & things, handmade clothing from Pearl and jewelry from She's Crafty. Jared is a local designer working in recycled leather to create unique wrist cuffs, his new styles incorporate buckles and pockets. 

Beans and Rice is the newest line of Vegan-friendly bags and wallets from Fancy Tiger Manager Vanessa. These handmade vinyl creations are sure to complement anyone's style with their hand embroidered detailing of fruits, vegetables and insects. 

Moving on to the work of another Fancy Tiger team member, Becky of becky's buttons & things has been busy crocheting some warm neck cowls to shield your neck from the elements. These 100% organic cotton creations are adorned with handmade fabric buttons and are available in six different color combinations. 

Make sure to stop by this week to see what else is new in store. 

Happy Shopping!


Fancy Tiger Clothing

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