Monday, July 20, 2009


We've always know that people come from miles around to shop at Fancy Tiger Clothing- but all the way from Texas?!? Ashley Murray, who was in Denver visiting her brother, was wearing this Adam Sikorski parachuting penguin tee when she stopped by the shop. Ashley, whose style is playful and relaxed, says that she always shops at the FT Clothing boutique when she is in town because the unique items are unlike anything she can find in El Paso, where she is attending grad school. She told us that, "El Paso doesn't have any cute, independently-owned shops with locally made goods-- only chain stores with generic, mass-produced style." But for this gal, who won't settle for looking like everyone else, Fancy Tiger is somewhere she can come to add some originality to her wardrobe. Past FT purchases that set Ashley apart from fellow Texans are a Funklectic vinyl record album bracelet and a Pistoli type key necklace. "I get a lot of compliments on the 'Tabular Key' necklace I got here." On this most recent excursion to Fancy, Ashley added an International Robot tee to her collection of super-soft Fancy Tiger tee-shirts. We think that yellow rose of Texas must look pretty pale next to Ashley's colorful style! Come on back 'n see us next time! Y' hear! -B.H.

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