Friday, March 27, 2009

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

I don't go out much. No really...I don't. So it says a lot for me to be at the same club two nights in a row. Who tempts? Ariel Pink and Snake Rattle Rattle Snake of course. But it's the latter who had the hardest job: getting me out the second night. And I must say they delivered. Their first proper show seemed anything but that. You can tell when a band takes their time. Let's take a look at the line-up. Can you say, "superband"?

Hayley Helmericks - vox, keys, percussion
Andrew Warner - drums
James Yardley - bass
Kit Peltzel - digi drums, samples
Doug Spencer - guitar
Wilson Helmericks - guitar

1 part noisy dancy band, 2 parts sexy rock-n-roll, add some reverb and stir.
I guess you should just try it yourself. It tastes good.
The Hi-Dive, March 26th, 2009

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