Thursday, December 18, 2008

Confirmed: Hawks of Paradise guest DJ On the Corner

Last Tuesday night's On the Corner was a huge success with a packed room and a spurt of dance mania. We've prided ourselves in making On the Corner a "non-dance event" but sometimes the beats call your name. I think it was the request for the Knife that lit the fire. "I only have two songs by them...ones about being in love with someones brother". That was all it took.

Despite a short jaunt away from our normal weird-rock-too indie for you to recognize agenda we were able to get a confirmation from Jordan and James for a December 30th guest spot by Hawks of Paradise . If you haven't heard them yet, you should. Lead singer, James Yardley recently teased us with a short run with his former band Hawks and Doves and then seemingly disappeared into the San Francisco abyss. Before the frown found a stronghold he returned to Denver and kicked off Hawks of Paradise with bandmates Jordan(guitar), Darren(drums), and Scott(bass). Lovers of the Byrds, T-Rex, and the Jesus and Mary Chain will find comfort in their sound.

Come check out Jordan and James guest DJ at On the Corner the last Tuesday of this month at Sputnik. December 30th, 9pm - late.

See you there,

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