Monday, February 18, 2008

ON THE CORNER - Tuesdays @ Sputnik

Tomorrow marks the third week of On the Corner, Broadways no holds barred Dj night. "What the hell does that mean?" you ask. It means that Hi-Dive owner Matt LaBarge and I will be digging deep into our collections for our favorite psychadelic gems. I don't mean showcasing the rarest 60's Denmark 7" we can drum up but a night where we can play the music that bleeds from our home speakers about one glass in and with no regard for "keeping them on the floor". On the Corner is a chance to hear just about anything...if the mood dictates.

When: every Tuesday night from 9pm- late

Where: Sputnik 3 S. Broadway

Why: because we can.

favorites: Spacemen 3, Animal Collective, Black Mountain, Radio Dept, etc...

MARCH: radio1190 appreciation month- A different radio1190 guest dj every week!


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